Psychotherapy Individual, Family and Couples & Consulting Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Individual, Family and Couples & Consulting Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Individual, Family and Couples & Consulting PsychotherapyPsychotherapy Individual, Family and Couples & Consulting PsychotherapyPsychotherapy Individual, Family and Couples & Consulting Psychotherapy


Hope-...and a little Care-frontation 

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The Art and Science of Therapy

My Treatment Focus

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I have been a licensed therapist for more than three decades. I've been trained in a multitude of theories and models.

Ultimately it is both compassion and wisdom that help us to change.

Pain may be a requirement in our lives but suffering and misery are optional.

First we learn to radically accept the reality of our experience. Then we make ourselves into who we wish to become. 


My Treatment Focus

The Art and Science of Therapy

My Treatment Focus

What you want to change about yourself is up to you. I will support this process in any way I can that truly empowers you.  First and foremost I believe all therapists need to have empathy. But we need to remember that empathy, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. For some of you that will mean just listening with respect. For others it will mean being direct, even if it hurts to hear it. For others it will mean guiding you to form your own conclusions and resolutions. 


The Art and Science of Therapy

The Art and Science of Therapy

The Art and Science of Therapy

I am a writer, a singer-songwriter and work with many creative people. Yet, I also belong to the International  Center for Clinical Excellence and keep up on the science and research for what helps people change.

Here's a link that can take you to my book, Directions in Life for the Occasionally Confused.

A Little Bit About My Training and Experience


John Foster Elliott began his career in psychology at age twenty-one, founding the first crisis intervention and drug-counseling center at Pennsylvania State University. He worked with Dr Steven Danish and others in utilizing Rogerian techniques for paraprofessionals and presented his first paper for the APA at age 22. John graduated cum laude in 1974, receiving the Eric Walker Award for “the most outstanding character, leadership and citizenship” among the senior graduating class. He went on to Los Angeles and established several other non-profit mental health programs for the poor and disadvantaged. Both the Los Angeles City Council and the California State Assembly officially commended John for his work in the field of substance abuse. He also studied Gestalt and NeoReichian therapy for five years with Eric Marcus, MD, one of the founders of the Gestalt Institute of Los Angeles. His other clinical interests included the study of unconscious imagery, metaphor and Ericksonian hypnotherapy. He has a keen interest in collaborative therapy and has written a piece for Barry Duncan in Heroic Clients, Heroic Agencies, a manual for client-directed outcome informed therapy. 

John received his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in 1981 at International College and was licensed by the State of California as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 1982. 

He has been a consultant for government and private agencies across the country, including:

the National Free Clinic Council, Los Angeles County Health Dept, Lutheran Social Services, LEAA, California BBSE Orals Commission, LAPD, LA Drug Abuse Task Force, Impact House, CRI-Help, Pasadena HS Peer Counseling, Old Time Steelworkers Fund, Project Heavy, the California State Assembly and a variety of film production companies in Hollywood.

In his spare time John practices meditation and is a songwriter, singer and author.

John’s book “Directions in Life for the Occasionally Confused” was released in Nov of 2004. John has also hosted “Shrinking Outside the Box” for 97.1 FM Talk Radio in Los Angeles, as well as appearing on numerous syndicated talk shows. 

John has been married to his wife Beth, a classical musician and teacher for 36 years.

And yes, -they make beautiful music together.


A Few of My Thoughts about Change and Transformation.

On Individual Growth

It's not about making the right decision;

It's about making your decisions right.

The real choice isn't between being right or wrong; it's between being right and


And, sometimes both if you're lucky.

You can't walk away until you are walking towards...

The first part of change is embracing exactly who you are. Only then can we embrace who we can become.

All crap is also fertilizer and all problems may also be solutions. (That's why it's hard to get rid of them.)  At our best we make a garden. 

Then again , -there's always carpet cleaner...

I work on changing patterns, -not pathology.


Love does not conquer all. It's not all-powerful. Just because you are Rembrandt, -one of the greatest artists off all time doesn't mean those that are blind will see your paintings.  Love is simply the most important thing. Respect and trust are equally important. 

(So is finding a bathroom when you really, really need it.) 

It's all relative, as everyone is someone's son or daughter or mother or father or brother or sister or wife or husband or uncle or aunt or grandparent or cousin or....

We need to connect and belong without compromising our integrity and autonomy. I'll do my best to show you how as a couple; as a family, as a friend. 

Freedom of Heart and Security of Mind

The heart has reasons reason knows nothing about. The heart gives us passion and motivation and the power to change. This can be freedom. The mind can help us establish the stability we also sorely need in our lives. We need to be open to the light and shadow within us to empower both. Security without freedom ultimately creates stasis.   Freedom without security ultimately creates chaos. 

I will do my best to help you find the balance that may be lacking in your life.  

On Empathy

Here's some thoughts about empathy

and compassion... mental health Los Angeles

Being and Having

Having Some Thoughts on Being a Competent Therapist mental health Los Angeles


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