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The Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change (ISTC) and Partners for Change
On this website, the latest research on "what works" in therapy is translated into principles for clinical practice. Follow the link to update your clinical knowledge and skills. Scott Miller, Barry Jones, and Jacqueline Sparks provide cutting edge research for what works in psychotherapy. In my humble opinion, this is a MUST for clinicians…

The Guide to Self-Help Books
Use this time-saving, annotated guide to find the very best in Self-Help books

They've recommended the most useful books to help you solve thorny problems, build better relationships, navigate difficult life passages, and make the most of your life. The Guide contains proven self-help manuals, inspiring self-improvement books, moving real-life memoirs, and prize-winning novels -- all chosen for their expert advice and practical wisdom.

Directions in Life for the Occasionally Confused

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Articles, Research, & Resources in Psychology

Elise Bon-Rudin, ED. D.
Building on strengths - for individuals and families . . .

Elise Bon-Rudin

JUST Alternatives
A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. is committed to the advancement of promising practices in justice and corrections, including Victim-Centered Restorative Justice practices. Visit for more information.

Kadima Conservatory of Music, Inc.

The wonderful musicians, instructors, and mentors at the Kadima Conservatory of Music believe that music is a common language that promotes a harmony transcending race, ethnicity, age, and gender. They also maintain that music is an educational discipline that enhances the intellectual and physical development of its students; and music is an art that inspires individual and collective expressions of creativity, thereby enhancing constructive social behavior. Music provides psychological and emotional consolation as well as personal growth for all participants. Read more about this awesome group at
An Odd Knights Daze
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