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An Odd Knights Daze
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Book One of the War for Haven

(324 pages, Fantasy-Sci-Fi Novel)

           Ten thousand years from today the universe begins to collapse. This impending doom is both premature and contrived -by an unknown force. The human race is now part of a huge interstellar empire that includes hundreds of alien species and artificial intelligence’s. A massive alliance of sentient life hastily forges a scientific enterprise to prevent the end of eternity. More by accident than design, the incidental result of these labors is the birth of an Entity who is a god... of sorts. A place called Haven is created as Her home -and the nature of space and time changes forever.

          In Her conception, She manages to open pathways to all possible worlds. Ours is not the only Universe, and there are other gods out there. There may always have been, but these days there are Doors available... and these days now include our present time as well. Your soul can be saved -if you side with the angels. But in this Multiverse, it’s often hard to tell just who is who. One thing is certain, -something is trying to make sure that Haven and all the gods are unmade in the remote corridors of the Continuum.

         This is the background for the story of an ordinary person who must complete a hero’s journey on the path of becoming a man, and above all -a human being. Science fiction, fantasy, psychology and philosophy interweave in this marvelously textured fable portraying eternal themes of growth and transcendence. The plot is as convoluted as DNA, and the prose is as straight as a bullet between the eyes.  Joseph Grodin discovers corridors to parallel worlds and that being an apprentice knight/wizard isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. He also learns that the most significant battles we fight are with ourselves.
The second novel, “A Hard Knight’s Work” continues these adventures of the Haven War --the war to keep forever possible.

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Semi-Divine Revelations

Semi-Divine Revelations

Semi-Divine Revelations

Semi-Divine Revelations
(Anonymous Memo)
Ordinary Daze
The Borders of Between
Officer Daniel Rogan's Report
The Set Up
Specifics of Mercy General
Food for Thought
Out of the Mire
Go West, Young Man
Noblesse Obliged
Critical Conditions
Northern Exposures
Final Battles
Saving Grace
Psych Eval: Admissions
Witch Doctor
The Bindings of Despair
Bad Company
The Other Side of the Coin
A Lesson in Discipline
Suiting Up
Fireside Chat
Table Manners
I Spy
Breaking Training
Novice Warlock
Tricks of the Trade
Guilty Innocense
Some Truths Revealed
Point Man
Bitter Truths
Prelude to More Bad Dreams
Final Battle Part Two
The Tree of Life
Back to the Drawing Board
Level Four Administration Memo
Appendix: 3rd Level Trainee Memos
     (For All Who wish to Walk the Worlds)
Level Three Trainee Memo Re:
     Temporal-Spatial-Value Juxtaposition
Level Three Trainee Memo Re:
     Constructionism of Beliefs and Attitudes
Level Three Trainee Memo Re:
     Manifesting in Parallel Dimensional Spheres
Level Three Trainee Memo Addendum
Level Three Trainee Memo Re:
     Unfocused Imagery
Level Three Trainee Memo Re:
     Bonewood Wands
Level Three Trainee Memo Re:
     Borderlands Access, Human Rendition